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BISON is the first app for trading cryptos backed by a traditional securities exchange, the Stuttgart Stock Exchange.

BISON does not charge any trading fees but earns on the spread between the displayed buying and selling prices. The trading partner at BISON is the financial service provider EUWAX AG, a subsidiary of Börse Stuttgart GmbH. So with BISON you always buy cryptocurrencies from EUWAX AG and sell to them.

Through BISON, you can buy a dozen cryptocurrencies. Unlike other trading apps, all cryptocurrencies bought are actually bought. There is always the option to withdraw the cryptocurrencies to your own wallet.

In addition, the app offers BISON Crypto Radar to analyze thousands of tweets every day. It can use artificial intelligence to analyze the sentiment among investors. Influential messages, such as those from Elon Musk, are thus detected.

Another feature is the savings plan under which investors can create a crypto savings plan in the BISON app or web browser in just a few minutes. All cryptocurrencies offered can be used for this purpose. Investing via a savings plan is possible from a minimum amount of 0.01 cents for everyone. Depending on preference, the savings plan can be set up weekly, monthly or quarterly.

BISON was developed by Sowa Labs, a subsidiary of Börse Stuttgart Digital Ventures. Sowa Labs’ founders and managing directors are Ulli Spankowski, who is also Chief Digital Officer of Börse Stuttgart Group, and Miha Grcar.

We rate the company on Green.

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