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Why & How PayRate42 Works Building & managing reputation

Why Providers Should Claim Their Profile
PayRate42 systematically screens for financial service providers, lists their profile, reviews and rates them. The providers can claim the created profiles. This works in the same way as Trustpilot. The review of the profile claim is a KYC check which upgrades the rating. Read more here.
Why Clients Should Review Provider Profiles
The Compliance & Risk Assessment is carried out by the PR42 team on the basis of a thorough OSINT analysis. However, the quality of a provider depends above all on customer satisfaction. This can be measured by their ratings and reviews. Read more here.
The PayRate42 Verification
With a verified (claimed) profile, financial services providers can display our PayRate42 Verification Badge on their website. This signals to their customers that they are verified, rated, and trustworthy.

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PayRate42 Added Value Bringing transparency to the industry

Rating Agency
PayCom42 is an online rating agency for payment processors and financial insitutions. We work with crowdsourced intelligence and offer guidance for regulators, compliance people, merchants and their clients.
Reviews & Ratings
Payment processors and financial institutions can be reviewed and rated by customers and partners. Their ratings are incorporated into our Compliance Rating, which currently has green, orange, red, and black categories.
News & Announcements
The global CyberFinance space with its fintechs, paytechs, and payment processors is huge and exciting. We aim to become the place to inform and support the market participants and their clients.