Brand to watch


Why to watch

Absence of news or customer reviews coupled with a low web presence raises concerns about the company’s credibility.

Acted as a facilitator of the scams of Gal Barak and his cybercrime organization E&G Bulgaria. 

Acted as a facilitator of the scams of Gal Barak and his cybercrime organization E&G Bulgaria. 

On platforms like Trustpilot, MiFinity‘s reputation is concerning, with a rating of 1.8 stars and a Poor Trust Level

undisclosed ownership and bad costumer reviews

All necessary informations are are missing  nor do they have a licence or customer reviews

No information about the company is given and the site has no content and looks very suspicious.

Due to missing reviews, regulations, legal entity, key people and merchant infos

Undisclosed ownership and management structure and the sensitive environment

Due to the many bad reviews on Trustpilot, warnings from lawyers, and their aggressive approach.

"Secret" subdomains are operated in parallel, through which mainly Russian websites are transacted.

Due to the investigation against them and the accusation of money laundering

The company has only been in existence for 5 months and therefore has no ratings at all.

PayRate42 has checked and verified the RagaPay credentialls.

On January 23, 2023, a voluntary strike-off request was filed by the company. 

Rumors that Israeli lawyer Guy Yuval is one of the beneficial owners. The was most recently involved in a lawsuit case around fraud and money laundering. 

increased interest

Lot Payments is a completely unknown company without any customer reviews.

MuchBetter has been exposed as a payment processor for scams and boiler room operators.

Active proposal to strike off in the UK Companies House 

Extreme caution is advised since neither a legal entity nor any contact details are given

The website is temporarily unavailable due to restructuring.

The payment processor in the broker scam network around the German-Ukrainian Capital Letter Group

Due to the alleged involvement with Rudolf booker and Jan Marsalek

lack of information about the operators or even other legal information, as well as the facilitating of scams

Because of the many scams, Fibonatix facilitated over the years

Due to deep involvement in broker fraud as a payment processor

Due to deep involvement in broker fraud as a payment processor,

facilitating payment processor for unlicensed online casino schemes

detailed information on the regulations is missing

A facilitating payment processor in the BBanc broker scam

Participation of PayOp as an intermediary payment processor in fraud environments.

Fraudulent activities surrounding the company

A questionable solvency and allegations of unauthorized financial transactions

High-risk payment processor allegedly facilitating illegal gambling sites

Recently renamed payment processor founded by former Wirecard managers

Cyprus-based payment gateway operator facilitating scams