All-in-one payment Solution
  • Trading Name: BigWallet
  • Legal Entity: Silvergate LT, UAB / Silvergate Holding Ltd
  • Activities: All-in-one payment solution
  • Location: Lithuania
  • Regulations: Licensed as an electronic money institution by Lithuanian Central Bank (license number 50)
  • Key People: Roque RuachoIII / Guram Gogeshvili

BigWallet presents itself as an innovative payment solution provider, offering customized services to online businesses. Through user-friendly mobile and desktop applications, it offers a comprehensive suite of financial services, including saving, managing, sending, receiving, and investing money. With a focus on transparency, security, and regulatory compliance, BigWallet aims to provide a reliable platform for individuals and businesses.

Regulatory Compliance:

Silvergate LT, UAB, operating under the trading name BigWallet, is a financial entity registered in Lithuania with registration number 305181493. Licensed by the Lithuanian Central Bank under license number 50, BigWallet is authorized as an electronic money institution. It is owned by Silvergate Holding Ltd, a part of the BigWallet Group. This legal framework positions BigWallet as a regulated entity in the financial sector, ensuring compliance with relevant regulatory standards and providing a foundation of trust and reliability for its users and stakeholders.

Compliance Issue:

A recent BBC investigation has implicated Davit Kezerashvili, a former Georgian defense minister, and owner of Formula TV, in an international scam network involving call centers in Georgia and Ukraine. While Kezerashvili denies involvement, there are concerns about potential ties to Guram Gogeshvili, CEO of BigWallet, who was linked to offshore companies connected to the scams. Conflicting reactions have emerged, casting doubt on the integrity of individuals associated with BigWallet.

Customer Review:

Trustpilot: 3.5 Stars with 2 Reviews


Due to potential scam involvement associated with Guram Gogeshvili and uncertainties regarding regulatory compliance, we rate BigWallet as BLACK. Investors and users should exercise caution when engaging with this platform until further clarity and resolution regarding the compliance issue are achieved.

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