White Label Solutions for PSPs & Financial Services

Key Data

  • Legal Entity: not given
  • Activities: White Label Solutions for PSPs & Financial Services
  • Location: Serbia
  • Regulations: unregulated
  • Key People: Vladimir Kovalevskii


ReactivePay presents itself as an intelligent payment solutions platform offering comprehensive digital finance architecture. With a broad spectrum of services ranging from KYC to crypto finance solutions, ReactivePay aims to streamline payment architectures and reduce operational costs for its clients.


ReactivePay offers a suite of products tailored for financial institutions and B2B customers:

  1. Internet Acquiring and Payment Processing:
    • Gateway infrastructure
    • Currency conversion
    • Fraud prevention
    • Business Intelligence
  2. E-money:
    • Transfers
    • Authentication
    • Integration with banks
    • Business Intelligence
  3. Online Banking:
    • Transfers
    • Account management
    • KYC compliance
    • Reporting
  4. Crypto Wallet/Exchange:
    • Transfers
    • Authentication
    • Cryptocurrency services

Critical Assessment:

  • Regulatory Status: ReactivePay operates in an unregulated environment, raising concerns about compliance with financial regulations and consumer protection laws.
  • Customer Review: No customer reviews are available, which may indicate a lack of transparency or a limited track record in the market.
  • Missing Data: Important details such as the legal entity, location, and regulatory compliance are not provided, hindering a comprehensive assessment of ReactivePay’s compliance posture.


While no negative information regarding ReactivePay or its key personnel, notably Vladimir Kovalevskii, has been found, the absence of critical data and regulatory oversight necessitates caution. Without clarity on legal entity status, customer satisfaction, and adherence to regulatory standards, ReactivePay is downgraded to an Orange compliance rating. Investors and clients are advised to conduct thorough due diligence before engaging with ReactivePay.

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