ANNA Money

Regulated UK-based Fintech with russian roots

ANNA Money is an app-based business banking provider regulated by the UK FCA. The platform provides UK business owners with a seamless business account designed to simplify sending and receiving money and ensure invoices are sent and paid on time.

At the time of profiling, ANNA Money is only available to UK residents who are either directors of a UK-based limited company, non-limited partnership, or sole trader.

ANNA Money offers several key products and services to its UK resident customers:

  • Current Account
  • Debit cards for businesses
  • Billing Support

Currently, ANNA Money claims to have approximately 6,000 customers.

ANNA Money was founded in 2018 by Eduard Panteleev (Linkedin), Boris Diakonov (Linkedin), Nikita Filippov (Linkedin) and Slava Akulov (Linkedin).

Two major investors in FinTech were, or according to the company’s own statements, the 2 Russian billionaires, Mikhail Fridman and Petr Aven, who are close to Vladimir Putin.

According to the company’s founders, the founding team has acquired all the shares that the two sanctioned oligarchs held in the FinTech, and the company is now back in the hands of the founders.

To be safe, we put ANNA on our “Orange Compliance” list, as we cannot say exactly how deeply the company is or is still involved in Russian affairs.

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