Listing Update on Crypto Payment Processor Mercuryo! They Announced A Partnership With Solana!

Today, Mercuryo, a crypto payment processor owned by Russian entrepreneurs, announced a collaboration with Solana, a prominent blockchain project. Solana, founded in 2017 by Anatoly Yakovenko, has gained significant traction in the crypto industry and aims to onboard its first billion users. Mercuryo‘s cooperation with Solana aims to provide various payment solutions for user onboarding within the Solana ecosystem.

The partnership will enable Mercuryo to support fiat interactions, empower businesses to offer fiat gateways, and facilitate seamless integration of Solana Pay rails for global fintech entities like payment wallets and neobanks.

This collaboration is crucial for driving Solana‘s goal of onboarding the first billion users onto its platform, offering enhanced banking services, and enabling efficient cross-border transactions through stablecoin rails.

“On- and off-ramp players like Mercuryo are critical for onboarding the first billion users onto Solana payments by powering fiat interactions and enabling businesses to offer fiat gateways to their users”


Mercuryo Compliance Listing