Compliance Officers, Merchants, and Consumers

The HRPP Report is aimed at individuals and organizations potentially transacting via High-Risk Payment Processors:

  • Compliance Officers of financial institutions that operate accounts for Payment Processors;
  • Merchants seeking a payment processor;
  • Customers of merchants who are to make payments through a payment processor.

In any case, the HRPP report should help identify red flags and threats. In any case, high-risk payment processors are systematically scanned for their involvement in scams and cybercrime and thus for their compliance with AML/KYC regulations in this regard.

CyberFinance and CyberCrime

People involved in the fight against cybercrime and scams are very well aware that many scams and cybercrime organizations would not exist without facilitating high-risk payment processors in the first place.

In the FIAT economy, FIAT banks and financial service providers are the backbone and make it work. In the dawning CyberEconomy, FIAT institutions are replaced or supplemented by CyberFinance Providers a/k/a FinTechs or PayTechs. Often these CyberFinance providers also offer their services to cybercrime organizations and their scams. There they can earn much more money. Thus, many High-Risk Payment Processors have focused their services on illicit businesses.

Exposing bad actors

The High-Risk Payment Processors Report’s mission is to bring transparency to the High-Risk Payment Processors (HRPP) segment. We develop analysis on individual HRRPs, collect whistleblower reports, and curate reviews from customers. In doing so, we want to separate the good from the bad payment processors and make it more difficult for scammers to defraud customers.

Fighting CyberCrime

The HRRP Report is positioned to be an essential element in the fight against cybercrime in the era of CyberSociety. Together with our community and partners, we want to fight bad actors, scams, and cybercrime actively.