What is certain is that Robert Courtneidge has an enormous knowledge of the paytech and fintech industry and money laundering. He is a lawyer by profession. However, his calling is the payment industry. Courtneidge now considers himself semi-retired and works from home, he said in an interview with forexlive, which is likely a response to the devastating article in Bloomberg. The article places Robert Courtneidge near systematic money laundering activities, shadow banking, and Ponzi schemes.

Key data

Name Robert Courtneidge
Profession Lawyer, solicitor, Payment and fintech expert
Related entities ePayments System, CFS-ZIPP, Moorwand (prev UPayCard), KBH Andelskasse, SwissPro Asset Management AG GC Wealth Limited GCW Funding Magna Trust Securities and Investment Services Magna Global Services Magna FX

An incredible track record

In a statement to Bloomberg, Courtneidge mentioned that the FinTech industry had evolved significantly in recent years. This would also apply to the understanding of the application of regulatory rules. So the Wild West days for the fintech segment may soon be over. Courtneidge has certainly lived through them. Especially in recent years, Robert Courtneidge has had some notable career milestones:
  • From November 2016 to December 2019, Courtneidge served as a director of FCA-regulated CFS-ZIPP Ltd. He arranged for the firm to make a GBP1.5 million loan to collapsed investment scheme SwissPro Asset Management AG, according to Bloomberg. Swiss regulator FINMA has qualified SwissPro as a suspected Ponzi scheme in which investors lost up to GBP50 million;
  • From July 2018 to February 2020, he was a director at FCA-regulated ePayments System Limited, founded by the Russian-based Mikhail Rymanov. Courtneidge resigned when the FCA suspended the license in February 2020 due to money laundering issues;
  • Shortly after, Courtneidge also resigned as a director of Moorwand Ltd, also FCA-regulated, where he worked from April 2018 is March 2020. During this time he was also registered as a controlling person of Moorwand at UK Companies House;
  • Courtneidge was involved in the collapsed Danish KBH Andelskasse aka Kobenhavns Andelskasse, which turned out to be a huge laundromat for scammers, cybercriminals, and fintechs.
In his forexlive interview, Robert Courtneidge mentions several FinTech startups he has worked for but does not mention ePayments, Moorwand, CFS-ZIPP, let alone KBH Andelskasse.

A loyal guy

Insiders tell FinTelegram that Robert Courtneidge has been a loyal partner to his clients and may have forgotten regulatory and legal boundaries from time to time. This explanation is very kind but given the records FinTelegram has collected over the past few years, we conclude that the activities of the self-confessed Justin Bieber fan Courtneidge follow a dark pattern. Courtneidge used to be the chairman and Co-Founder of the Prepaid International Forum and director of the Emerging Payments Association (EPA). According to his LinkedIn profile, Courneidge no longer is working for these organizations. It seems as if Robert Courtneidge acquired a bit too much expertise in the fintech industry. So much so that he became toxic.