Merchant Alert: High-Risk Payment Processors Kryptova, Paypound, and BitMatix About To Vanish?

On January 23, 2023, a deletion request was submitted for the three companies Kryptova Biz Ltd d/b/a Kryptova, Self Pay IO Ltd d/b/a Paypound, and Bitmatix IO Ltd d/b/a Bitmatix. These high-risk payment processors are part of the network of Indian payment entrepreneur Ruchi Rathor and her family. In recent weeks, many complaints have been made, especially on LinkedIn, about these high-risk payment processors. The websites are online!

Kryptova strike-off application

The Bitmatix website also states a Bitmatix ,Inc as the operator. However, we have not found this company. Otherwise, all three websites still show the UK-registered companies as operators. We do not know whether these high-risk payment processors will now close and disappear. The danger is given in any case. Merchants should be very alarmed.

Merchants and other creditors who have receivables should register them with the registrar.

The infamous iPayTotal also received a strike-off request from the company in 2020. Then creditors objected to it, and a court opened insolvency. It turned out that the company had no assets, accounting was non-existent, and creditors filed millions in claims.

Kryptova Compliance Rating

BitMatix Compliance Rating

Paypound Compliance Rating