Largest bank-independet European cash payment network

viafintech offers the most extensive bank-independent payment infrastructure in Europe, enabling cash deposits and withdrawals and invoice payments via barcode at the store checkout. viafintech was founded in 2011 and is still run by its founders, Achim Bönsch, Sebastian Seifert, and the Managing Director Andreas Velle.

More than 12,000 stores of stationery partners such as REWE, Rossmann, PENNY, and dm drogerie Markt are available to customers in Germany and Austria for processing their basic banking needs.

Conversely, the company also supports consumers who do not have a bank account or simply prefer the increased security of e-cash for online payments. The fintech’s partners include Amazon, the German Federal Employment Agency, Flixbus, and E-On.

In Switzerland, Italy, and Greece, the product is known as viacash.

In August 2021, the Viennese payment company Paysafe acquired the Viafintech Group with the brands viacash and Barzahlen.

viafintech’s shareholders and cooperation partners include Glory Ltd. and Grenke Bank, which has been a partner bank since 2017 and provides the regulatory framework (all payment services in connection with viacash are provided in Germany, Austria, Greece, Italy, and Spain by GRENKE BANK AG).



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