US payment processor and corporate services provider

PayCEC is a high-risk payment processor and corporate services provider operated by the PayCEC Group of companies in different jurisdictions, including Belize.

PayCEC allows merchants to accept online payment for their goods and services via its Plug and Play cart or a 3rd-party shopping cart. The merchants’ customers will order on your site and then pay within PayCEC’s secure PCI-compliant payment page.

Since November 2021, PayCEC also offers a payment gateway for cryptocurrencies and the acceptance of SEPA transfers.

This features are the outcome of a strong partnership between PayCEC and DNBC Financial Group, a global financial institution with worldwide branch networks, including Europe branches in Lithuania, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the United States, among other places.

We have not identified PayCEC in any scam or cybercrime activity and thus include it in our “Green Compliance Light” list.

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  1. paycec us a fraud

    This site is a fraud.
    The condition for withdrawing from the account was that the transactions reached the amount of $500, after reaching this amount and registering the withdrawal request, they announced that the transactions were not approved and we have to check. After 3 months, they still did not check and do not answer the email.

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