Russian crypto-payment processor in Estonia

Nymeria is a regulated crypto payment processor in Estonia controlled by a Russian citizen. They operate the two websites, www.nymeriafx.com, focused on financial services, and www.nymeriatech.com.

The company’s sole registered director is Karen Gevorkjan, born in February 1984, who also serves as a director in Pradexx OÜ. Besides, a Pradexx email address is listed in the companies register for Nymeria contact purposes. The beneficial owner of Nymeria OÜ is the Russian Aleksei Bratashov, born in May 1997. We conclude that Nymeria and Pradexx are or used to be related entities from the information available to us.

Aleksei Bratashov is the beneficial owner of Nymeria

Nymeria Enterprises describes itself on the website www.nymeriatech.com as an IT and software company and the “ultimate development companion for your business. On its website, Nymeria-FX (www.nymeria-fx.com), the company presents itself as a financial services provider offering all kinds of investment-related services for which you typically need a license and/or regulatory permission.

Estonian crypto payment processors love Lithuanian banks. For example, Pradexx and many other FIU-licensed Estonian companies use GlobalNetInt (GNI) as their bank account. GNI is part of the FCA-regulated MoneyNetint (MNI).

Bratashov’s Nymeria has a bank account with the Lithuanian Wallter UAB, an e-money institution licensed by the Bank of Lithuania with authorization code LB000450 (www.wallter.com). Given the secretive approach, the installation of a nominee director and shareholder,  and the evidently misleading information on its website www.nymeriafx.com, we included Nymeria in our “Orange Compliance Light” list.

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