Instant Bank Payments

Key Data

  • Trading Name: Ivy 
  • Legal Entity: Ivy GmbH
  • Activities: Instant Bank Payments
  • Location: Munich, Germany 
  • Regulations: none
  • Key People:  Peter Mosebjane Lieck (CRO), Joshua Becker (CPO) and Simon Wimmer (CTO), Ferdinand Dabitz (CEO)

Ivy is a platform that enables instant bank payments through Open Banking. It allows customers to pay directly with their bank account and bypasses the fees associated with credit cards and wallets. Ivy moves money directly from customers to merchants, saving money with every transaction. Ivy is connected to the bank accounts of more than 500 million customers and accepts payments from over 50 countries


Ivy’s focus is on open banking-based payments, which are growing in individual markets but are largely limited to domestic transactions in individual currencies. Ivy has developed an API to create a “network of networks” for open banking payments around the world Ivy’s business areas include not only tools for merchants to integrate open banking payment options at checkout, but also “intelligent routing” (to remember users’ details when they choose to do so, and to select bank data connections for maximum transaction speed), risk management, instant payouts, and payment links

Their main service includes:

  • Real-time payments
  • Settlement
  • Payment link
  • Refunds


not given


Low Risk:



It is worth noting that Ivy operates without specific regulatory oversight, which raises concerns about the level of compliance and consumer protection measures in place.


Founder Team:

Peter Mosebjane Lieck (CRO), Joshua Becker (CPO) and Simon Wimmer (CTO), Ferdinand Dabitz (CEO)

Customer review

Regrettably, no customer reviews or feedback pertaining to the company have been sourced thus far.


In August 2023 Ivy Received $20 Million From Peter Thiels’ Valar Ventures


We could not find anything negative around Ivy due to its reputation and its high investment from Peter Thiel, we rate it GREEN.


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