Dutch Crypto trading partner

Key Data

  • Trading Name: Hyphe
  • Legal Entity: B4C Markets BV/Hyphe Markets GmbH
  • Activities: Crypto trading partner
  • Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands 
  • Regulations: regulated by the Dutch Central Bank (DNB) as a cryptocurrency service provider with registration number: R179444./BaFin regulated
  • Key People: Dolf Diederichsen (Linkedin), Chris Demetrius (Linkedin)

Hyphe assumes a central and instrumental role as a market maker within the domain of digital currency exchanges, earnestly engaged in expediting trading operations. Concurrently, the company occupies a pivotal position as a prominent liquidity provider, adeptly addressing the distinct requisites of financial institutions. Its quintessential function resides in the assurance of unfettered entry to liquidity pertaining to digital currencies for these financial establishments. By furnishing precise and dependable price quotations, coupled with the meticulous orchestration of order execution, Hyphe effectively empowers trading platforms, banks, and brokers to adeptly cater to the burgeoning consumer appetite for effortlessly accessible avenues in the realm of digital currency trading.


Hyphe enables banks, brokers and asset managers to offer digital currency trading or digital-asset backed investment products to their customers. The company provides institutions access to a proprietary liquidity pool and trading platform featuring a range of digital currencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. Hyphe’s price discovery tech, Clear-Calculus, streams the fair market price for assets, 24/7.


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Financial Sector:

Banks and Neobrokers


They are regulated by DNB (De Nederlandsche Bank / Dutch Central Bank) and actively involved in the latest regulatory developments. They have received a certificate of compliance to ISO 27001 Information Security Management by internationally-renowned certification body, BSI Group.



Customer review

Since Hyphe works with major banks and brokers there are no customer reviews, however, this makes it difficult to judge about service.


In August 2023, the company received a BaFin license, which will allow the company to offer trading in electronic securities and cryptocurrencies to banks, brokers and asset managers in Germany.Last year Hyphe launched its own proprietary price discovery technology, Clear-Calculus, completing a product suite which includes trading and settlement via API and institutional grade systems integration. With the newly-issued BaFin license, Hyphe’s German subsidiary will be able to take the company’s trading solution directly to the German market.


We rate Hyphe GREEN, as we could not find anything negative around the company and its founders and all compliance technical information is given and the 2 licenses the company uses in Europe.

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