Unregulated payment and card services provider

Key Data

  • Trading Name: flowbx
  • Legal Entity: FlowBX Ltd
  • Activities: Payment processor
  • Location: UK, Lithuania
  • Regulations: no
  • Key People: Mario Scibberas (Linkedin)

flowbx, operated by FlowBX Ltd in the UK is an initiative of Orenda Financial Services Limited (UK), a distributor of Modulr FS Limited, authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as an Electronic Money Institution.

The director and beneficial owner Mario Scibberas, a Maltese citizen, also operates similar financial and payment products through Settle Desk UAB (link to profile) in Lithuania as an agent for Verfied Payment, an EMI regulated by the Bank of Lithuania.

The flowBX offering

flowbx is a payment and card solution for individuals and SMEs in the EU, UK and Gibraltar.

Their service includes:

  • EU accounts (EUR currency IBAN and a GBP currency account )
  • Track Expenses
  • Personal or
    Business accounts
  • Debit Cards


FlowBX Ltd, operating as flowbx.com in the UK, is affiliated with Orenda Financial Services Limited, distributing services from Modulr FS Limited. Modulr FS Limited is authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority as an Electronic Money Institution. Settle Desk UAB, trading as flowbx.com in the EU, is associated with Orenda Finance Ire and Modulr Finance B.V. in the Netherlands, authorized by the Dutch Central Bank. Funds are held in segregated accounts in compliance with respective regulations, and the card is licensed by Visa Europe.

Targeted Industries

The provider will only provide more detailed information about your target audience on request



  • Personal Accounts: euro 1.99/month
  • Business Accounts: euro 19.99/month

Customer Reviews

Regrettably, no customer reviews or feedback pertaining to the company have been sourced thus far.

Compliance Check

Due to lack of license, lack of customer ratings and inaccurate information on their target audience, we rate flowbx as ORANGE

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