High Risk Gateway

Key Data

  • Trading Name: Advanced Merchant System (AMSVL)
  • Legal Entity: not given
  • Activities: merchant account provider
  • Location: Las Vegas, USA
  • Regulations: none
  • Key People:

Advanced Merchant System (AMSVL) is a Las Vegas-based merchant account provider focused on high-risk businesses such as online dating, gambling, lotteries, telemarketing, and a wide range of other businesses that are considered risky to use a normal merchant account.


AMSLV provides services such as merchant file merchant account (TMF), Automatic Clearing House processing for free credit card transactions online, adult merchant accounts, international merchant accounts, and third-party merchant accounts.

AMSLV represents over 30 different settlement sources, including a number of domestic U.S. banks, third-party processors, and overseas banks.


not given


Due to insufficient information (no Key People, no legal entity, no licence) and a lack of customer reviews, we classify the company in our “Orange compliance” list.

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