Indian payments veteran Ruchi Rathor’s high-risk payment processor scheme iPayTotal collapsed at the end of 2020. Initially, iPayTotal Ltd was to be quietly dissolved and disappear. But then creditors came forward and the court put the company into administration. The joint liquidators report claims in the millions.Senthooran Kuganathan, alias Sen Kugan, was one of the scheme’s executives and cashed in heavily. He purchased a big house and a Porsche!

Family Business

The high-risk payment processor scheme iPayTotal was run as a family business by Ruchi Rathor and her husband, Anurag Singh Pratap Singh. During this time, Rathor is also said to have been in the United Kingdom. Former employees have told us that merchants at iPayTotal were systematically ripped off. Chargebacks are said to have been claimed that do not even exist.

Sen Kugan was one of the executives of the iPayTotal scheme and director of the now-dissolved iPaySolutions Ltd in the UK. He bought a house in Peterborough (without a mortgage) and a Porsche with money from the merchants. Sen Kugan presented himself in bought articles as a successful iPayTotal manager (read the article in the magazine The Business Fame).


Jason Smith

Sushruta Sengupta, a/k/a Jason Smith , another iPayTotal executive in the team of Ruchi Rathor and her family. While hiding behind the pseudonym “Jason Smith,” Sushruta Sengupta executed every operational and sales strategy for the notorious iPayTotal.

Since the collapse of iPayTotal, the Ruchi family has established several new high-risk payment processors. Some, like OctaPay, have already disappeared. Others, like Paypound or Kryptova, are apparently walking the path of iPayTotal and applied for the voluntary strike-off in the UK. There are also CryptoMatixBitMatix, and PayStudio. Currently, Ruchi Rathor is particularly involved with Payomatix and her new project Pay Agency.


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