Scammed Client? Game Developer FractureLabs Asks For Information About Crypto Exchange Huobi!

Decimated developer Fracturelabs goes against crypto Exchange Huobi

There is currently a call on Twitter from the video game developer FractureLabs, a partner and customer of the crypto exchange Huobi. FractureLabs is the developer of the blockchain-based multiplayer survival game Decimated and, in this context, also issued its DIO token and listed it on Huobi. Now FractureLabs claims to have been scammed by Huobi and turns to Twitter to collect data from the community for planned legal action against the crypto exchange.

Estonia-based FractureLabs began the development of Decimated in 2018 and launched a private token sale in October 2021. In November 2021, the company raised a $3.5 million round from several backers. Among them are the collapsed Alameda Research and Huobi Ventures.

FractureLabs asks its community to provide details of Huobi’s operations and management. It seeks information about Huobi Global Limited(incorporated in Seychelles), including but not limited to the identities of its director(s) and/or shareholder(s) and/or senior management;