Review: Illegal Online Casino Atlantis Slots Facilitated by Continent Pay!


Atlantis Slots, a controversial online casino operated by Pennytech Holding B.V., is currently engaging in illegal operations within the European Economic Area (EEA). Despite lacking a valid gambling license from Curacao, Atlantis Slots continues to offer its services through a network of payment processors including Continent Pay, Neosurf, Binance Pay, Sofort, and CASHlib. This article delves into the various aspects of Atlantis Slots’ operations, compliance issues, and its involvement in the broader context of money laundering activities facilitated through Cyprus.

Illegal Operations within the EEA

Our review has confirmed that Atlantis Slots is operating illegally within the EEA. The platform lacks the necessary regulatory approvals to offer online casino and gambling services in these regions. This not only violates local gambling laws but also undermines the legitimacy and transparency of its operations. The platform’s games are available in multiple languages, including English, German, French, and Italian, indicating a deliberate targeting of players in these regions despite the lack of authorization.

Compliance Issues

A significant compliance issue with Atlantis Slots is the invalid status of its Curacao Gaming license. According to an online validator check on June 19, 2024, the company does not hold a valid Curacao Gaming license. This, combined with its unauthorized activities in the EEA, raises serious red flags about the platform’s compliance with international gambling regulations. Additionally, Casino Guru, a reputable review platform, has flagged Atlantis Slots for unfair practices, giving it a low safety index rating of 4.3 out of 10.

Cyprus: A Money Laundering Hub

Cyprus has become a significant hub for money laundering activities, especially since Western sanctions against Russia came into effect. Cypriot professionals have been instrumental in establishing companies registered in Cyprus to act as payment agents for online casinos, gambling, and trading operations. In this context, Letovio Holding Ltd, registered in Cyprus, serves as the payment agent for Atlantis Slots, facilitating its operations across various jurisdictions.

Facilitating Payment Processors

A crucial aspect of Atlantis Slots’ operations is its network of payment processors, which support its illegal gambling activities:

  • Continent Pay: Based in Poland, Continent Pay is allegedly controlled by Israeli cybercriminal Gery Shalon. This payment processor supports methods including Neosurf, Sofort, and Binance Pay for cryptocurrency transactions. Shalon’s criminal background raises substantial concerns about the legitimacy of this processor.
  • Zenium Consulting Ltd: Registered in the UK as a digital marketing agency, Zenium Consulting Ltd operates under the “MEGAGAMER” brand, acting as a payment agent for Neosurf deposits.
  • Intelli Global LTD: When deposits are made via Sofort, the payment agent is Intelli Global LTD, operating under the name TTVGAMES and registered in London. This further complicates the compliance landscape for Atlantis Slots.
  • Criptomy UAB: For transactions via Binance Pay, the payment agent is Criptomy UAB, a Lithuania-based operator of the crypto exchange Criptomy. This involvement highlights the cross-border complexities and potential regulatory evasions.
  • CASHlib: Customers can also make deposits using the e-wallet service provided by CASHlib, adding another layer to the network of payment facilitators supporting Atlantis Slots.


Atlantis Slots exemplifies the risky and often illegal nature of certain online gambling operations. By operating without a valid license and facilitating transactions through a network of dubious payment processors, it not only breaches multiple regulatory frameworks but also poses significant risks to its users. Potential investors and players should exercise extreme caution and conduct thorough due diligence before engaging with such platforms. At PayRate42, we emphasize the importance of understanding the legal and compliance aspects of online gambling to ensure a safe and secure gaming experience.

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