Key Data

  • Trading Name: Moorwand
  • Legal Entity: UPayCard Ltd (Moorwand Ltd), UK
    UPC Consulting Ltd, UK
    PAP Onpoint Services Ltd, Cyprus
  • Activities: high-risk payment processor
  • Location: United Kingdom, Cyprus 
  • Regulations: e-Money Institution (until 2019)
  • Key People: Andrei Grati, Moldavia
    Alain Bazille, French
    Dana Sliman Yacin, French
UPayCard Ltd was founded in 2013 by French accountant Alain Bazille and received authorization from the UK FCA as an e-money institution. The company was renamed Moorwand in 2019 following the departure of Bazille as a director and controlling person. The UPayCard website was operated by Bazille’s Cyprus-based PAP Onpoint Services Ltd as of 2019. UPayCard was a notorious scam facilitator and money launderer and is now gone.

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