Instant cardless payments

 Key Data

  • Trading Name: Yaspa 
  • Legal Entity: Citizen UK Holding Ltd
  • Activities: Instant Payments
  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Regulations: regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority
  • Key People: James Neville

Yaspa, formerly known as Citizen, is a UK-based fintech company specializing in instant payments and identity services. Founded in 2017 by a former Worldpay CTO, the company utilizes open banking to offer instant bank payments, aiding regulated businesses in verifying customers and their payments seamlessly.

Yaspa, a UK-based fintech company founded in 2017, specializes in instant payments and identity verification services. Leveraging open banking technology, Yaspa aims to streamline the payment process for businesses and consumers alike, offering a range of services designed to enhance financial transactions and ensure regulatory compliance.

Services Offered:

  • Payments and Payouts: Yaspa enables instant, cardless payment solutions, facilitating seamless transactions between businesses and their customers.
  • Account Verification: Utilizing advanced verification methods to ensure the authenticity of customer identities and their associated financial accounts.
  • Verification Plus: An enhanced verification service that provides additional layers of security and customer insight.
  • Virtual Accounts: Offers customers and businesses virtual account capabilities for improved financial management and transaction processing.

Industries Served:

Yaspa caters to a diverse array of industries, demonstrating versatility and adaptability. Their clientele ranges from low to high-risk sectors, including iGaming, eCommerce, electronic Point of Sale (ePOS), utilities, charities, and trading platforms.

Regulatory Compliance and Authorization:

Operating under the regulatory oversight of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Yaspa maintains a reference number (826720), indicative of its compliance with stringent regulatory standards. This authorization is a testament to Yaspa’s commitment to security, transparency, and adherence to legal and regulatory frameworks governing financial operations within the UK.


Yaspa’s dedication to transparency is evident through its clear communication of service offerings, regulatory compliance status, and operational methodologies. However, the absence of customer feedback on public platforms presents a gap in the full transparency profile of the company. Encouraging customer reviews could further bolster Yaspa’s standing by providing prospective clients with insights into the company’s performance and customer satisfaction levels.

Client Feedback:

The lack of publicly available customer reviews is a notable omission in Yaspa’s compliance profile. While this does not inherently signal poor service or compliance issues, the presence of customer feedback is a critical component of PayRate42’s evaluation criteria. Active efforts to collect and publish customer reviews would not only enhance Yaspa’s transparency but could also serve to validate its compliance and service quality from a user perspective.

Critical Assessment:

While Yaspa demonstrates a strong foundation in compliance and regulatory adherence, the absence of customer reviews represents a critical area for improvement. In the rapidly evolving fintech sector, customer feedback is an invaluable asset for continuous improvement and maintaining trust. Yaspa should actively seek to facilitate and publish customer reviews to enhance its compliance profile fully.

Additionally, ongoing vigilance in regulatory compliance, particularly in an environment of ever-changing financial regulations, is imperative. Yaspa must remain adaptable, ensuring that its services continue to meet the highest standards of legal and regulatory expectations.


Yaspa’s comprehensive approach to instant payments and identity verification services, combined with its adherence to regulatory standards, positions the company favorably within the fintech industry.

Risk Assessment and Compliance Rating:

Based on PayRate42’s unique review and rating system, Yaspa is categorized under the Green Signal. This rating indicates a provider of good standing with low risk, reflecting Yaspa’s:

  • Authorization and regulatory compliance under the FCA.
  • Transparency in operational and service offerings.
  • A broad and inclusive approach to serving various industries.
  • Commitment to security and innovation in financial services.

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