Solution for Crypto and Banking

Key Data

  • Trading Name: XDA.io
  • Legal Entity: Lemino Payments Ltd.
  • Activities: Offers a unified solution for Crypto and Banking, particularly targeting the gaming industry with services including crypto settlements, IBANs for business accounts, OTC trading, and international payments.
  • Location: Operates under the jurisdiction of Canada, with services available worldwide.
  • Regulations: Registered as a Money Service Business with the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (M23945242).
  • Key People: Andria Evripidou, a former executive at Revolut and Yapily, and currently the Chief Banking Officer at Xace.

XDA.io emerges as a distinctive player in the convergence of cryptocurrency, banking, and the iGaming industry, driven by a mission to bridge the gap between traditional financial services and the evolving needs of digital and gaming enterprises. Operating under the legal umbrella of Lemino Payments Ltd., XDA.io is strategically positioned within the regulatory framework of Canada, having secured registration as a Money Service Business with the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC)​


XDA.io provides a comprehensive suite of financial services designed to bridge the gap between crypto and fiat currencies for the gaming sector. Their platform includes offerings such as crypto settlements, business accounts with IBANs, OTC trading, and international payment capabilities.


Focuses on reducing crypto and banking fees, though detailed fee structures are not specified. Their approach underlines efficiency and the reduction of unnecessary costs for clients​.

Industries Regulation

XDA.io operates under the legal entity Lemino Payments Ltd., and it’s notably registered as a Money Service Business with the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC) under registration number M23945242​ (Crypto Settlement)​​ (Crypto Settlement)​​ (Crypto Settlement)​. This registration is a fundamental aspect of its regulatory compliance framework, indicating that XDA.io adheres to the stringent regulatory requirements imposed on financial service providers in Canada.

Online Reputation

XDA.io’s positive media coverage and industry recognition provide some assurance of its credibility and innovation. However, the absence of extensive, verifiable customer reviews and feedback might limit a comprehensive understanding of user experiences and satisfaction levels​.


Led by Andria Evripidou, the team at XDA.io brings extensive experience in gaming, banking, and the regulatory framework of cryptocurrencies. This expertise underpins the platform’s services and its approach to compliance and security​.

Customer Review

While specific reviews are not cited, the platform’s market recognition and the utility of its services in the gaming and gambling sectors are noted, indicating customer satisfaction with its solutions​.


Mentions in news outlets and industry publications underscore XDA.io’s innovative contributions to the iGaming sector, focusing on its ability to address market gaps​.

Critical Factors

  • Regulatory Compliance: Registered as a Money Service Business in Canada, indicating adherence to a set of regulatory standards and a commitment to operate within the legal framework.
  • Service Offering: Tailored services for the iGaming industry, addressing the sector’s unique needs and regulatory challenges.
  • Leadership and Expertise: A leadership team with significant experience in regulatory, banking, and gaming fields, underpinning the platform’s strategic direction and compliance focus.

Compliance Rating: Green

XDA.io receives a Green rating, reflecting its strong commitment to regulatory compliance, especially in the sectors it serves. This assessment is based on its registration with a Canadian regulatory body, the targeted approach to serving the high-risk iGaming industry, and the leadership team’s expertise. The Green rating denotes a compliant operation with respect to the information available, demonstrating the platform’s dedication to adhering to regulatory requirements and prioritizing the security of its operations and client transactions.

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