Web 3 Payment System

 Key Data

  • Trading Name: WynPay
  • Legal Entity: QBSG Limited/KoalaCryptoLimited
  • Activities: payment system 
  • Location: Malta
  • Regulations: MFSA Authorized
  • Key People: George Ning
  • Latest news: WynPay
  • Latest update: July 9, 2024

WynPay, operated by QBSG Limited, provides a payment system for Web3 businesses. They support over 12,000 cryptocurrencies and 150+ fiat currencies.

They changed their legal entity from KoalaCryptoLimited to QBSG Limited.


Services include:

  • OTC trading
  • crypto and NFT checkout,
  • buy/sell crypto options


The platform provider (QBSG Limited) is regulated by the Maltese regulator MFSA under the License No.: VFA/01

Related Schemes

QBSG Limited, the legal entity of WynPay, also operates behind Koala Pay and QBSG Pay.

This raises concerns about transparency and competition, as QBSG Limited’s influence extends across multiple payment platforms, potentially reducing market diversity and consumer choice.

Related Legal Entities

  • Koala Malta Ldt.
  • Koala Money Ldt.
  • OB Technologies Ltd

Key People

  • George Ning
  • Yiran Gu
  • Xin He

Serving Industries

They cater to a wide range of clients, including individuals, exchange platforms, metaverse projects, and traditional merchants, enabling them to accept and convert crypto payments.

Customer Reviews

We did not find any customer reviews or additional news about WynPay, which is concerning. The lack of user feedback and updates raises questions about the company’s transparency and market presence. For a financial service provider, customer trust and a clear public track record are crucial, and the absence of this information might indicate potential issues with reliability or customer satisfaction.

Rating Conclusion

Due to the lack of a robust web presence and the absence of customer reviews, combined with their complex corporate structure, we categorize WynPay with an orange rating. This indicates a need for caution when considering their services, as the transparency and reliability of the company are currently uncertain.

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