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Key Data

Trading name: Vapulus
Legal entity: Vapulus Incorporation
Activities: Digital payment platform
Location: United Kingdom
Regulation: not given
Key people: Abdelrahman Elsharawy (Linkedin) and Islam Mousa (Linkedin)


Vapulus is a digital payment platform aimed specifically at e-commerce businesses. It allows them to receive payments online without having to pay a transaction fee. Apart from the zero transaction fee, Vapulus also charges no monthly fees, no subscription fees, no cross-border fees, and no hidden costs as they claim.

Vapulus was established in 2016 by Abdelrahman Elsharawy (Linkedin) and Islam Mousa (Linkedin).


Vapulus supports 135 currencies worldwide. Users can bill their customers abroad for payments in their local currency. These payments are then automatically converted into the currency you use.

Merchants’ online customers can link the Vapulus application to their debit cards, credit cards, electronic wallet accounts, and the Vapulus card. This way, they can make their payments anytime, anywhere. Vapulus accepts payments from Master Card, Visa, and Bank of America

Vapulus not only focuses on its electronic payment function but also serves as a marketing management tool for e-commerce companies and online entrepreneurs.

With this tool, users have access to the performance of a product on your website, from transaction data to the number of orders. Users can also keep all traffic sources under control and know where they are coming from.

We could not find any irregularities around the company, but there are some points that make us think critically about Vapulus. However, customer reviews are too poor to come to a clearly positive result, on the other hand, we cannot say whether the company is licensed, as the menu item “licenses” leads nowhere. Moreover, the jurisdiction of the company is not clear.


Therefore, we place the company on our “Orange Compliance” list, for now.

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  1. scammers

    Real scammers ! They are still holding 120000 EUR ! Get a away from them.

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