A cornerstone of the payment scene

USAePay is a U.S. payment gateway provider operated by GorCorp Inc., based in Los Angeles. Their payment gateway is allegedly used by nearly 90,000 merchants and supports most of the major platforms in the credit card industry and works with some of the leading check platforms. They work with most of the larger merchant service banks in the US and Canada.

To use the USAePay gateway, you would need to work with a third-party payment processing company  (like PayPal, Worldpay, etc.) that is authorized to process credit card transactions between buyers and sellers. Connecting the USAePay gateway to this processor enables merchants to accept, process, and receive payments from customers.

USAePay also offers a mobile solution and a virtual terminal solution. (which it calls its merchant console) allowing you to use your mobile phone, laptop, or desktop to accept payments.

In February 2021 NMI acquired USAePay to expand their Omnichannel Payment Offering.

The company was founded in 1998 by Alex Goretsky  and Ben Goretsky.

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