Tokenizer Banx

Self-service tokenization platform

Tokenizer Banx a/k/a Tokenizer is a self-service tokenization platform that allows users to create, issue, and manage security tokens.

Tokenizer Banx‘s DeFi infrastructure provides a place to connect investment capital with assets and business projects.

Their full-cycle peer-to-peer ecosystem brings standardization and ease of use for customers looking to issue regulatory-compliant tokens and connect with a network of investors.

Customers can benefit from efficient distribution, reduced administrative costs, automated compliance, and regulatory-level transaction tracking and monitoring via smart contracts.

Tokenizer Banx decentralized exchange enables peer-to-peer wallet trading in conjunction with regulated digital custodians for real-time, risk-free settlement.

Currently, the platform is in the launch phase and, therefore, difficult to evaluate.
However, since no license is specified and no contact option is given, we are placing the company on our “Orange Compliance” list for the time being but will continue to monitor the company.

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