SMTM Holding

Estonian holding company for payment processors

Key Data

  • Trading Name: SMTM Holding
  • Legal Entity: SMTP Holding OÜ
  • Activities: Payment services holding
  • Location: Estonia
  • Regulation: UK FCA for TomPay Ltd (e-Money Institution)
    FIU for NeuroNext and ExFrame
  • Key People: Moriel Carmi and the Ukraine Dmitri Orlov 

SMTM Holding OÜ is a holding company registered in Estonia which operates several regulated and unregulated payment processors for high-risk industries and merchants. Among them are:

  • TomPay Ltd dba TomPayment (PC42 profile) – an FCA-regulated e-Money Institution
  • Magua Pay Inc. dba Black Rabbit (PC42 profile) – an unregulated crypto payment processor
  • Magua Pay Inc. dba Magua Pay (PC42 profile) – a registered Canadian money service business (MBS)
  • ExFrame OÜ dba SmartPayments (PC42 profile) – a regulated crypto payment processor
  • Banxe Ltd dba Banxe (PC42 profile) – an unregulated payment processor
  • NeuroNext OÜ dba NeuroNext (PC42 profile) – a regulated crypto payment processor

According to public information, the Israeli Moriel Carmi and the Ukraine Dmitri Orlov are the controlling individuals of SMTM Holding.


We have not identified complaints regarding SMTM Holding and its payment processors. Thus, we include it in our “Green Compliance” list.


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