Regulated EMI in Cyprus facilitating the forex industry

Key Data

  • Trading Name: SEPAGA
  • Legal Entity: Sepaga E.M.I. Ltd
  • Activities: e-Money Institution
  • Location: Cyprus
  • Regulations: e-Money Institution licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of Cyprus (License No.
  • Key People: Eleana Kontou (LinkedIn profile), and Maria Georgiou (LinkedIn profile)

SEPAGA is the trading style of Sepaga E.M.I. Ltd, an e-Money Institution licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of Cyprus (License No.

  • Their team of young professionals, headquartered in the heart of Cyprus – Nicosia, is committed to serving unique business needs, ultimately maximizing your profitability.
  • SEPAGA is a SEPA participant through CENTROLINK/Lithuania, a SWIFT member with its own unique BIC and maintain strategic and corresponding Banking relationships with various EU Reputable Banking Institutions.
  • +600 Corporate clients trusted them for the last eight years with their funds and contract through their portal payment and banking needs.


The company’s CEO is Eleana Kontou (LinkedIn profile), and Maria Georgiou (LinkedIn profile) is its compliance officer and Money-laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO).


At SEPAGA E.M.I., they are specialize in simplifying the complexities of everyday business and payments, making them easier, cost-effective, and lightning-fast.

Their suite of services is designed to cater to international clients, offering a diverse range of financial solutions:

  • Accounts for Holding Funds: Enjoy the convenience of corporate and clients’ accounts, escrow accounts, supporting multiple currencies such as EUR, GBP, USD, JPY, and more, all accessible through our user-friendly online banking platform,
  • Unique CY IBANs: Experience the advantage of unique Cyprus IBANs (CY) tailored to your specific needs,
  • Payment Services: Seamlessly send and receive funds through SWIFT/SEPA, ensuring efficient and secure global transactions,
  • Prepaid Mastercard EUR & UnionPay USD Cards: Empower your financial transactions with our prepaid Mastercard and UnionPay cards, providing seamless access to funds worldwide,
  • B2B or B2C Wallet Solutions: Tailor-made wallet solutions to meet the diverse demands of your business and customers,
  • Real-time Currency Conversion: Access competitive currency conversion rates for over 14 currencies via our intuitive online portal,
  • Mass Payments Portal: Streamline your payroll and a large volume of transactions with ease, all controlled by a single OTP code,
  • APIs for Integration: Foster synergy between your systems with our flexible APIs, enhancing operational efficiency.


SEPAGA E.M.I. LIMITED is an Electronic Money Institution incorporated in 2015 in the Republic of Cyprus under the registration number HE347331. SEPAGA E.M.I. LIMITED is fully authorised and licenced by the Central Bank of Cyprus to provide services on a professional basis within the framework of the relevant Law (No. 86(I) of 2004) and the corresponding Directive (2009/110/EC) of the European Parliament and of the European Council for issuing of e-money also known as an Electronic Money Institution with license No.


Sepaga fulfills all of our criteria and has reached out to demonstrate their commitment to transparency.

Therefore we rate them Green.

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