Regulated Payment Institution and liquidity provider

SafeNed is the trading name of the FCA-regulated payment institution SafeNed Ltd, established by Payvision (PC42 profile) founders Rudolf Booker and Gijs op de Weegh.

Trading name Safened
Legal entity Safened Ltd (prev. Safened-Fourthline Limited)
Authorization FCA-regulated Payment Institution (Ref No 705849)
Related individuals Antonios “Tony” Solomon, director Rudolf Booker, director Gijs op de Weegh, director Chris van Straeten, director Wybrand Oosterbaan, director Christopher “Krik” Gunning
Related entities OGC DUTCH ICT FUND B.V. (director) Safened US, Inc. (subsidiary) Safened Deposits B.V. (subsidiary)

  SafeNed and its subsidiaries Safened US, Inc. and Safened Deposits B.V. provide liquidity services to financial institutions and businesses.

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