All-in-one financial app for families

Based in Stockholm and New York, Qapital is an app that helps individuals and couples save, invest and spend to achieve their goals. The banking app allows users to set goals and rules that trigger transfers from a linked bank account to the Qapital account.The target account is an FDIC-insured account held by Qapital at Wells Fargo Bank.

Each time a purchase is made, a small amount of money flows into the corresponding Target Account.

For certain situations in everyday life, “rules” can also be set to “trigger” transfers to the Qapital account.

It is possible to set eight rules to trigger a savings point. For example, Qapital’s round up rule allows you to round up expenses so that money can be saved automatically when you make a purchase.

The app also allows you to share your goals with family, friends, or teammates so they can help you reach your goals. This way, peer pressure can be used to continue the savings plan.

A newer feature of the Qapital app is the ability to invest in different portfolios that match your risk tolerance. The investment is completely on autopilot, and there are five different portfolios to choose from.

Their pricing model is classified according to the 3 subscriptions, starting with the cheapest at $3 per month and the most expensive at $12 per month.

The Qapital concept was launched in June 2013 by.
George Friedman (Linkedin) and Katherine Salisbury (Linkedin), and the service officially launched in May 2015. Within just five months, Qapital had gained customers in all 50 U.S. states.

No irregularities around the company were identified and is therefore rated Green.

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