Ukraine payment processor in Singapore and Canada

Key Data

  • Trading Name: PayOp
  • Legal Entity: Transferop Payment Gateway Ltd, FinTech Decision Pte LTD
  • Activities: high-risk payment processor
  • Location: Singapore, Canada, and Ukraine
  • Regulations: authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Payments Service Regulator (PSR) as a Small Payment Institution.
  • Key People: Denys Myloserdov (LinkedIn), Anastasia Semenkova (LinkedIn)

PayOp is a Ukraine high-risk payment processor operated via the MAS-regulated Fintech Decision Pte. Ltd in Singapore and the Canadian Transferop Payment Gateway Ltd.

It is an international payment processor focused on high-risk merchants. The latest Similar web statistics show that PayOp is almost exclusively linked to the gambling industry.

The company is operated from its Ukraine headquarters in Kyiv, Ukraine. Most of the employees are located there, as one can see on LinkedIn. However, the official headquarters are in Vancouver, Canada.


They help businesses accept payments on their websites worldwide by processing online payments from their clients no matter where they are and what payment method they use.

PayOp is available internationally in more than 170 countries and offers more than 450 payment methods which include international and local cards, bank transfers, internet banking, e-Wallets, prepayment, mobile payments, and cash.

PayOp offers you more than 450 payment methods in 170 countries. You can take advantage of a wide spectrum of payment methods that even let you win over customers who don’t have credit cards or use online banking.


  • International cards from 2.4% plus 0.2 USD fixed fee
  • European cards from 2.4% plus 0.2 USD fixed fee

  • Chargeback fee from 20 USD

  • Refund fee from 0.5 USD


We found reports of the participation of PayOp as a facilitating payment processor in scam environments and thus included it in our Orange Signal compliance list. We have not heard negative feedback from their merchants.

1 review

  1. Untrustworthy company

    I am writing to express my deep disappointment with Payop’s recent actions. After being a loyal merchant for over two and a half years, the rejection of my project, without a clear explanation is highly frustrating. The lack of transparency and disregard for my dedication is unacceptable. I expected better from Payop and will be exploring alternative options moving forward.

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