Anonymous high-risk payment gateway operator

Key Data

  • Trading Name: Payed
  • Legal Entity: not given
  • Activities: anonymous payment gateway for high-risk merchants
  • Location: not given
  • Regulations: none
  • Key People: not given

Payed is an anonymous payment gateway for high-risk merchants in iGaming, Esports & alternative businesses. It was founded with a core focus on providing a payment gateway solution to businesses in multiple sectors, which traditionally have been considered high risk.


Payed says it can offer processing options for most licenses and business models.

Accepting fiat for cryptocurrencies or accepting cryptocurrencies as an online merchant or casino is notoriously challenging. According to Payed, they can provide expert advice and offer the payment processing solutions that are needed.

In-game items, subscriptions, and other payments are often required for Esports – and that’s where Payed is supposed to come in. They say they can work with card processing for Esports.


  • High Risk: CBD, Gaming, Crypto, Casino


Extreme caution is advised since neither a legal entity nor any contact details are given, which leads us to the conclusion that the company undoubtedly belongs to the black market, therefore we rate them on BLACK.

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