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 Key Data

Clink (OptioPay) is a fintech company that provides a payment processing software system.

OptioPay was founded in 2014 in Berlin. It employs people from 15 countries and currently operates in the DACH-region and The Netherlands.


The company offers personalized recommendations based on open banking data to better manage personal finances . OptioPay has two product solutions: the Payment Solution and the Clink Cashback & Merchant loyalty solution.

The Payment Solution analyzes payout reasons of companies and offers advantageous payout options based on outstanding liabilities to payees

The Clink | Cashback & Merchant loyalty solution turns any bank card into a merchant’s loyalty card, allowing every merchant to offer a revolutionary cashback program to its customer base


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Low to High Risk:

Retail, Insurance,


The company has returned its BaFin banking license and plans to partner with Tink for open banking services


Marcus Borner (Founder)

Mike Rötgers (Founder)

Moritz Claussen (Founder)

Oliver Neumann (Founder)

Oliver Oster (Founder)

Naser Al-Shraydeh (CEO)

Customer review

Google: 4,3 Stars with 70+ Reviews

Trustpilot: 2,8 Stars with 3 Reviews


In September 2023, there was a rebranding of Optiopay to Clink and a realignment of the company. The founders have left the company and a new CEO has taken over. Clink aims to link loyalty programs directly to bank accounts and simplify rewards for customers. This is the second major transition for the company, which has a small team working on the new product. Existing investors continue to support the company, while the company has returned its banking license and plans to partner with Tink for open banking services. This pivot is seen as the last chance for the company to succeed.


We could not find anything negative around the company, but due to the returned license and the 2nd realignment of the company, we rate them ORANGE for the time being.

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