Empowering Global Payment Platform

 Key Data

  • Trading Name: NOAH
  • Legal Entity: NOAH Savings (UK) Ltd./Noah Savings UAB /NOAH Savings Inc
  • Activities: Global Payments
  • Location: United Kingdom/Lithuania
  • Regulations: regulated as Virtual Asset Service Provider
  • Key People: Shah Ramezani/Manuel Stotz

Noah is a platform focused on empowering global payment connectivity. It leverages modern payment rails and blockchain technology to provide seamless, borderless financial solutions.

The NOAH platform is built to to leverage modern payment rails combined with traditional banking to manage all your cross-border payment needs.


Noah offers a comprehensive suite of financial services focused on global payment connectivity. Key offerings include multi-currency support with competitive exchange rates, streamlined B2B cross-border payments, virtual IBANs for efficient account management, and robust compliance and security measures. Additionally, they provide on-ramp and off-ramp solutions that integrate modern payment rails with traditional financial services for faster and more cost-effective transactions.

Key Features:

  • Currency Conversion: Supports over 60 currencies, including major, exotic, and digital currencies, with top-tier rates.
  • B2B Payments: Streamlined cross-border transactions with unbeatable FX margins and 24-hour settlements.
  • Virtual IBAN: Facilitates client account management with named IBAN.
  • Compliance and Security: Advanced AML and transaction monitoring systems ensure secure operations.
  • On-ramp and Off-ramp: Integrates modern rails with traditional services for expedited payments.

They leverage digital assets, especially stablecoins, to accelerate payments speed, lower fees, and avoid delays inherent in traditional systems. Enabling rapid liquidity flow in and out of global markets and ensuring reliable settlement within 24 hours.


Noah Savings UAB is a subsidiary registered and regulated as Virtual Asset Service Provider (”VASP”) in Lithuania with company registered number 306069935.

Customer Review

Trustpilot: 3,9 Stars with 9 Reviews

  • Positive Feedback:
    • Users appreciate the ease of buying Bitcoin with a credit card and the ability to accumulate NOAH Points.
    • The app’s features, such as lightning transactions with low fees and the ability to earn points, are highly praised.
    • The interface for both web and mobile versions is described as simple and intuitive, making on-chain and Lightning Network transactions straightforward.
    • Customers who have been with NOAH since its inception are satisfied with the product and express a strong affinity for the platform.
  • Criticism:
    • Some users have experienced issues with the mobile website, particularly when applying or uploading documents, which they found frustrating.


The founders of NOAH, the financial platform, Sha Ramezani, and Manuel Stotz.

Conclusion and Rating

Given NOAH´s adherence to regulatory standards, robust security measures, and positive customer feedback, it would be appropriate to assign a Green Rating to represent its risk level. This designation reflects NOAH´s status as a low-risk choice for users interested in cryptocurrency transactions and management. The company’s compliance with legal regulations and its comprehensive service offerings further reinforce its reliability and safety for consumers.

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