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 Key Data

  • Trading Name: Silverflow
  • Legal Entity: Silverflow B.V.
  • Activities: Credit card transactions
  • Location: Netherlands
  • Regulations: 
  • Key People: Anne Willem de Vries (Linkedin), Paul Buying (Linkedin) and Robert Kraal (Linkedin)

Silverflow is an online platform for the worldwide processing of credit card transactions with direct connection to various credit card systems such as Mastercard and VISA.

Silverflow claims to be the first cloud-based payments platform that provides direct access to the card networks for payment services providers, merchants, and acquirers.


With Silverflow, PSPs can now directly access card networks, instantly add new functionality, have real-time insight into transaction fees and get smart data direct from the networks.

The platform’s customers also benefit from a range of features and functionality compared to existing card processing solutions, from scalability to security, and including:

  • A data-first mindset, with the ability to provide users a reliable data feed.
  • Simplicity that makes integration straightforward, so users can rapidly process live transactions and benefit from a reduction in operational complexity
  • Agility, so innovations in the market are quickly integrated and passed onto users.


Silveflow was established 2018 by Anne Willem de Vries (Linkedin), Paul Buying (Linkedin) and Robert Kraal (Linkedin) and is headquartered in Amsterdam.

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Google: 5 Stars with 3 Reviews


We rate the company on Green, as we could not find anything negative around the company

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