Lianlian Pay

Chinese cross-border payment provider

LianLian Pay, operated by the Chinese Lianlian Group, a provider of mobile and micro-payment services, serves more than 500,000 cross-border e-commerce sellers.

LianLian Pay has been licensed since 2011 and now has more than 150 million registered users since it was founded in 2003. The company is able to make direct debits and credits to all Chinese banks, and its direct connection with major banks covers 98 percent of bank accounts.

The company’s platform offers mobile payments and cross-border online payment services and provides a digital payment gateway for settlements and clearing, allowing users to make cross-border payments conveniently and reliably.

LianLian Pay provides services such as cross-border clearing and settlement, foreign exchange and currency exchange, local government registration and declaration, RMB withdrawal, and online RMB acquisition.

The company operates a network of agents in China where consumers can exchange cash for mobile minutes. Customers can also purchase airline tickets, video game credits, and pay utility bills through the network.

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