Regulated Czech EMI and merchant service provider

KoalaPays is the trading name of Safe Payments Solutions s.r.o., an e-Money Institution (EMI) regulated by the Czech National Bank (“CNB”). KoalaPays specializes in high-risk merchants.

KoalaPays is an all-in-one banking solution designed to make money management simple and secure. Our platform allows you to open multi-currency accounts, make international transfers, and much more.

We have the expertise and technology to offer a fully flexible solution for businesses of all sizes and industries. With KoalaPays merchants are guaranteed efficiency, lower fees, tailored features, and a personal approach to customer service.

When boarding, merchants are charged €1,000 to €1,500 to establish their bank accounts. Incoming payments through SEPA are charged 1% plus €10, SWIFT 1,5% plus €10. Outgoing payments are cheaper.

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7 reviews

  1. High possibility of koalapay being a scam

    My company is or can say was collaborating with koalapay. Now all employees of koala are unresponsive and noone answers their emails or skype groups. All employees use their first name( which may be fake) and all of their signatures where mentioning their first name only. A few emails include tatiana@koalapays.com, clara@koalapays.com, lydia@koalapays.com.
    Bare in mind that they never showed us their face neither in person nor in any of our skype calls. Also there are no pictures of the employees in any of the expos they took part and also there is no linkedin profile linked with koalapay.They closed our account where we had a huge amount of funds and my company believes that their structure was built in such a way to scam money from businesses and individuals. We also heard from other companies that they used to be UpayCard and rebranded as koalapays due to complications as they did the same thing to their previous clients. Many companies reported koalapays to Czechs national bank.

  2. The Stole My Funds. Around 8.000 USD

    Few months ago We sent money as etherium. Even the sender platform and the network says the funds transfferred succesfully and all blockscan websites and other things proof money reach their wallet succesfully and they denied it.

    I can show all evidences money reach them. So If you think to use this platfrm. Dont use. Because they always find a new way stole your money. Sometiems when you sned them, or soemtiems when you ransfer with wire. etc. Dont even think to use them.

  3. KoalaPays is non responsive and holding funds

    I have been trying to obtain my funds from the corporate IBAN account that KoalaPays setup for me. No one is answering, funds are stuck and their email address is returning messages.

  4. KoalaPays scam without license

    According to Czech National Bank (hereinafter “the CNB”) on 26 May 2022 the KoalaPays’s authorization to operate as a small-scale electronic money issuer has been revoked. The CNB has launched an investigation into the company.

    KoalaPays blocked our company’s account without any reason and still holds our funds. No possibility to reach them. Office address is not factual, so no chance to visit them in person.

    DO NOT try to use their services!

  5. Koalapays is dead

    I am aware of multiple merchants having lost access to their (substantial) funds in Koalapays.
    If you need answers check into Wael Almaree and Alain Bazille.

  6. KoalaPays was indeed a fraud in the end & our money is stolen

    Our companies have also suffered a horrible loss for a total of about €6,000 EURs frozen including all of our crypto funds.

    I have filed the same complaints, got the same responses from CNB and no one there is responding to get funds returned.

    I was able to log in to BOTH KoalaPays accounts on Oct 9, 2022 but all funds are frozen, not able to withdraw anything.

  7. No payouts, customer funds blocked, no support anymore, no license anymore

    Scammers. they do not operate with a license anymore. Their regulator revoked it months ago. They do not pay-out customer funds anymore, as well as do not reply to any messages. More than 500k in jeopardy. They are preparing a clean exit-scam. But, we, the damage will not silence and accept it! Be prepared you scammers!

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