Fiat-gateway for digital assets

Key Data

  • Trading Name: GEO Pay
  • Legal Entity: not given
  • Activities: Fiat-gateway for digital assets
  • Location: Tallin, Estonia
  • Regulations: none
  • Key People: not given 

GEO Pay is a service that combines P2P payments and operations on deposit/withdrawal of fiat funds and exchange it for crypto assets.


GEO Pay acts as a complex payments orchestration platform designed to optimize enterprise payment operations. The platform has a wide repertoire of attributes, including seamless integration capabilities with widely used payment gateway providers.

Their service includes:

  • payment gateway
  • merchant accounts
  • recurring billing
  • Fraud prevention


starting at 9$ per month


High Risk:



It is worth noting that GEO Pay operates without specific regulatory oversight, which raises concerns about the level of compliance and consumer protection measures in place.


Nothing is known about the background persons of GEO Pay, and also the management team is not known.

Customer review

Google: 1 Star with 1 Review


Due to missing information about background persons, missing license and one single customer review which is also bad, we rate GEO Pay on RED.

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