Finvert IO LLC

Anonymous High Risk Merchant Provider

 Key Data

  • Trading Name: Finvert IO LLC
  • Legal Entity: Finvert IO LLc
  • Activities: High Risk Payment Provider
  • Location: Nevis
  • Regulations: none
  • Key People: not given 
  • PCI DSS Compliance: no

Finvert is a payment processing company specializing in enabling businesses, particularly those in high-risk industries, to accept and process payments from their customers. With a diverse range of payment solutions, Finvert ensures that businesses can seamlessly accept payments while offering various services to cater to their unique needs.


Finvert’s services include:

  1. Business Consulting: Finvert provides consulting services to guide businesses in navigating the complex world of payment processing, particularly in high-risk sectors.
  2. Virtual IBAN: The company offers virtual International Bank Account Numbers (IBANs) to facilitate international transactions, making it easier for businesses to operate globally.
  3. Offshore Merchant Account: Businesses in high-risk industries can benefit from offshore merchant accounts, which offer additional flexibility and opportunities for international payment processing.
  4. Payment Processing Solution: Finvert offers traditional credit and debit card processing services, ensuring businesses can accept payments through widely used methods.
  5. Crypto Payment Solution: For businesses looking to embrace cryptocurrency payments, Finvert provides solutions to securely process digital currency transactions.
  6. White Label Gateway: Finvert offers white-label payment gateway solutions, allowing businesses to customize their payment processing systems while leveraging Finvert’s expertise.


Finvert’s pricing structure varies based on the type of transaction and the volume of payments processed. To get detailed pricing information, businesses are encouraged to contact Finvert directly.

Industries Served

Finvert specializes in serving high-risk industries, offering tailored payment solutions to meet the unique needs and challenges of businesses operating in these sectors.


It is important to note that operates without specific regulatory oversight. This lack of regulatory oversight has raised concerns about the level of compliance and consumer protection measures in place. Businesses considering Finvert’s services should carefully assess the regulatory implications for their specific industry and location.

Management Team

Information regarding the composition of Finvert IO LLC’s management team is not readily available. Transparency about key personnel remains elusive, which may be a concern for potential clients.

Notable Mention: Ruchi Rathor:

There have been allegations linking the notorious individual Ruchi Rathor to Finvert. These claims require further investigation and verification.

Employee Information:

While Finvert claims to have five employees on LinkedIn, their profiles are private and may appear to be inaccurate. Additionally, we found Daniel Olulade, who is identified as the Business Development Manager at Finvert IO LLC and also holds a role as a Relationship Manager at Kryptova, a crypto company associated with Rathor.

Whistleblower information about the Team:

Tech Head: Adithya Guptha (aka Adrian Williams)

Shivika, Shrishty, Divakshu

Pay Agency Connections

According to our whistleblower information, merchants who have contacted Pay Agency have been referred to Finvert.

Customer Review

There are no customer reviews about Finvert online.


Due to the lack of information about their regulation, no customer reviews, fake profiles on LinkedIn, and the connection to Rathor, we rate Finvert on red and advise caution when teaming up with Finvert.

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