High-risk payment gateway and merchant service provider

Key Data

  • Trading Name: Fasto
  • Legal Entity: Fasto Payments LLC
    FastoPayment OÜ
  • Activities: Payment gateway operator
  • Location: Delaware and Estonia
  • Key People: Dennis E.R. Pedersen (Linkedin)

Fasto a/k/a Fasto Payments is a payment gateway operator and merchant service provider doing business via legal entities in the U.S. and Estonia. They offer:

  • Payment gateways (FIAT and crypto)
  • Merchant accounts (low/medium/high risk)
  • Local payment methods
  • Fraud and risk tools

According to its website, Fasto serves 500+ merchants operating in low/medium/high-risk industries, including dating, gambling, adult, and cryptocurrencies.

The website does not disclose any conditions. Merchants must contact Fasto to receive a quote.

Fasto was founded in 2022 by Dennis E.R. Pedersen (Linkedin), who is also the founder of PurePay (PR42 profile), a division of Fasto.

We have not found any severe complaints. However, we have also not found client feedback and reviews. We have identified the owners. Hence, we include Fasto in our “Green Compliance” list and put it on our Watchlist.

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