A now closed crypto exchange

EQONEX (previously EQUOS) is a crypto exchange based in Singapore founded in 2020. It is part of the EQONEX Group, which also operates the custodian Digivault and the asset management unit, Bletchley Park.

The EQONEX Group was listed on the NASDAQ until 2022, but has since been delisted. Crypto exchange activities were also discontinued.

EQONEX used to be a strategic partner of Binance (PC42 profile), which provided a $36 million convertible loan. Consequently, EQONEX has appointed ex-Binance Head of the UK, Jonathan Farnell, as Chief Executive Officer.

The company applied for a license from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and currently operates under an interim dispensation.


The company has ceased its activities.

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