Financial Platform with Revoked MSB Licence

 Key Data

  • Trading Name:
  • Legal Entity: Domus Payment Solutions LTD
  • Activities: Financial Platform
  • Location: Canada
  • Regulations: revoked MSB Registration
  • Key People: not given

Domus is a financial platform that offers payment processing and currency exchange services. Despite initially holding an MSB registration with FINTRAC, this registration has been revoked, raising concerns about their regulatory compliance and transparency.


Domus is a financial platform offering a range of services designed to facilitate global transactions. Key features include:

  1. Payment Processing: Supports transactions in over 100 countries, processing payments in under 3 seconds.
  2. Currency Exchange: Allows seamless conversion between fiat and cryptocurrencies, integrated with Visa and Mastercard.
  3. Security: Provides robust security measures such as two-factor authentication, IP address access control, and security questions.
  4. Account Management: Offers a consolidated view of all financial transactions, quick registration, and 24/7 access.


Domus, a financial platform, initially held a Money Services Business (MSB) registration with FINTRAC, facilitating various financial services including payment processing and currency exchange.

However, this registration has since been revoked. Despite this change, Domus still claims to have MSB registration on its website. This discrepancy highlights the need for transparency and accurate information regarding regulatory compliance in the financial sector.

Key people

Regarding the team behind Domus, specific details about the key personnel are notably absent from their official communications and website. This lack of transparency about the individuals running the company is a significant point, especially given the regulatory concerns​

Customer Reviews

Notably, there are no customer reviews available about Domus. This absence of feedback is a concern for potential users, as it makes it difficult to gauge the platform’s reliability, customer satisfaction, and real-world performance. Businesses considering Domus should approach with caution, conduct thorough research, and seek testimonials or case studies directly from the company to ensure it meets their needs and expectations.

Related Schemes

We found that two other high-risk payment processors, TODA Pay ( and SignaPay (, are registered at Domus address in Richmond.


– Unregulated: No standardized protocols or consumer protection.
– Missing key person information: No information on ultimate beneficial owners, directors, or key team members.
– No social media contacts: The website does not provide links to social media presentations.
– No reviews: Lack of customer feedback and track record

Conclusion and Rating

Due to significant concerns, we classify Domus as “Red.” The company is unregulated, lacking standardized protocols and consumer protection measures. There is no information available about the ultimate beneficial owners, directors, or key team members. Additionally, the website does not provide links to social media accounts, and there are no customer reviews or a verifiable track record. Most concerning is that the MSB registration with FINTRAC has been revoked, yet the company still claims to have this registration on their website. These factors raise substantial doubts about the transparency and trustworthiness of the company.

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