Dharma Merchant Services

The payment provider the gastronomy

Dharma Merchant Services is a California-based MSP offering essential card payment solutions with fair pricing and fully transparent practices.

Dharma Merchant Services is a low-cost payment processing option for the health care industry, including for hospitals, EMS, rehab clinics, walk-in clinics, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and veterinarians. The company prominently advertises interchange-plus pricing and level 2 and 3 processing.

Dharma Merchant Services has recently partnered with Clover to provide mobile phone processing and tablet-based POS options for merchants. Dharma is offering the Clover Mini station for a purchase price of $499 and a monthly fee of $10, which includes Clover’s PRO software set. The company also resells the flagship Clover POS solution at $1,349 per device, which includes a full cash drawer, built-in fingerprint scanner, and high-speed printer. For mobile EMV payments, Dharma is offering Clover Flex. Dharma’s preferred EMV terminal solution is the FD-130 terminal, which allows EMV processing, Chip-and-PIN acceptance, tip adjustment, and PIN bypass.

Dharma also recently lowered its rates for restaurants, bars, and quick-service restaurants. In order to meet the needs of these low-average-ticket businesses, Dharma is now offering a rate of interchange plus 0.15% plus $0.07 to this particular industry type.

In January 2012, Dharma became one of California’s first legal Benefit Corporations, a new corporation subtype intentioned to free directors from the sole (and legal) pursuit of bottom-line financial performance and shift towards creating a company that takes into consideration the greater benefit of the public with some positive material impact on society or environment.

The company was founded in 2007 by a father/daughter team, Alexia Marcous, and Jeff Marcous.

The company is headquartered in Vancouver, Washington.

Its legal entity is Dharma Merchant Services.

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