Cryptocurrency trading platform

 Key Data

  • Trading Name: BeePayX
  • Legal Entity: BeePay X UAB 
  • Activities: Cryptocurrency trading platform
  • Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Regulations: due to them they are regulated and supervised by the FNNT Financial Authority in Lithuania
  • Key People: Massisimiliano Moroni

BeePay X is a FinTech startup based in Lithuania that aims to become a smart digital bank natively focused on new digital services . Their portfolio will include such successful companies in Europe, Middle East, LATAM and more.

BeePay X is a crypto wallet and exchange that helps people to buy, sell and exchange the major capitalized cryptocurrency pairs on the market. It combines personalized trading group commissions that allow customers to do it at your own pace and habits. BeePay X offers all the tools to freely manage digital assets: from dedicated customer support to learn everything about crypto from, to an intuitive platform to buy your first cryptocurrency, to indicators and APIs for traders and professionals.


Their service includes:

  • Exchange
  • Markets
  • Swap
  • P2P
  • Staking


Funds are stored in a Hot Wallet in a Centralized Exchange.


not given


High Risk

  • Crypto


Due to them they are regulated and supervised by the FNNT Financial Authority in Lithuania, but there is no proof of license on the website (missing license number)

Management Team

Information regarding the composition of BeePayX management team is not readily available. Transparency about key personnel remains elusive, which may be a concern for potential clients.


Massisimiliano Moroni

Customer review

There are no customer reviews about BeePayX online.

Compliance Problems

We have received whistleblower informations that they are money laundering money from scam forex brokers and forex recovery in the EU.


Due to the lack of information regarding their management team, their license, their lack of internet presence and the information that they are involved in scam’s, we downgrade you to RED.

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