Ukraine payment processor with Estonian branch

Key Data

  • Trading Name: Any.Money
  • Legal Entity: DBR Security Ltd, AnyCache OÜ, Anymoney Ltd
  • Activities: Multicurrency payment service provider
  • Location: Ukraine and Estonia
  • Regulations: none (Estonian crypto license was canceled)
  • Key People: Andrii Bruiaka

Any.Money is a multicurrency payment service provider for organizing the process of accepting payments on the Internet. is the brand owned and operated by the Estonian AnyCach OÜ, which used o have a crypto license until July 2020. Another legal entity in the environment is the UK-registered Anymoney Ltd (Companies House).

A few months ago, AnyCach OÜ was replaced as on operator by UK entity DBR Security Ltd. The Italian entrepreneur and FinTech investor Alessandro Rocco Pietrocola is one of the beneficial owners.

Beneficial owners in Ukraine evidently control the payment processor. The company’s director is Andrii Bruiaka, born in August 1987, a Ukrainian citizen.

The Offering

They offer a payment solution for startups, fully providing the ability to accept payments.

Their service includes:

  • Currency exchange
  • Mass payments

  • Payment link

They accept Visa and Mastercard; cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin BTC, Ethereum ETH, Tether USDT, Tron TRX, Litecoin LTC.


We have discovered the payment processor in the broker scam network around the German-Ukrainian Capital Letter Group and therefore include it in our “Red Compliance Light” list.

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