Interesting: The Three Crypto Startups Revix, BitFund, And Coinpanion Merge Into Altify!

In an interesting development in the crypto industry, Vienna-based startup Coinpanion, South Africa-based Revix, an authorized Financial Services Provider (FSP) in South Africa, and BitFund merged into the new crypto company Altify (website). This venture represents a strategic consolidation of expertise and resources in the burgeoning field of crypto investments.

South African Crypto investment platform Altify

Coinpanion, founded in 2019 by CEO Alexander Valtingojer, has been at the forefront of making crypto asset investments more accessible. The startup, known for its predefined crypto portfolios akin to ETFs, has drawn attention and backing from prominent investors.

The newly formed Altify emerges from the synergy of Coinpanion with Revix, a South African-British crypto investment platform, and BitFund, a South African crypto provider. London has been chosen as Altify’s headquarters, with Coinpanion’s team integrating fully to establish Altify’s Austrian branch.

Altify boasts an impressive global presence, with additional offices in Poland and South Africa. The company claims a robust customer base of 80,000, managing over 250 million US dollars in deposits. Notably, Altify aims to diversify its offerings beyond cryptocurrencies to include a broader spectrum of investment opportunities.

Sean Sanders is the CEO of crypto investment platform Altify

Leadership roles within Altify reflect the collaborative nature of this merger. Sean Sanders, former Managing Director of Revix, steps in as CEO of Altify. Alexander Valtingojer, the founder of Coinpanion, transitions to the role of Chief Strategy Officer, focusing on the company’s expansion in the EU, particularly in the DACH region.

Details on the financial aspects and the specific structure of the deal remain undisclosed. However, Sanders described the merger as a complex transaction involving various components, with tax considerations of investors on both sides playing a crucial role. The name Altify resonates with the company’s vision, blending “alternatives” and “diversify.”

For existing Coinpanion customers, the transition to Altify promises to be seamless. Valtingojer assures that customers will retain their accounts without re-onboarding or creating new ones.

Looking ahead, Altify is set for further growth, with plans for more acquisitions to expand its market reach. With sufficient capital already in place, Sanders indicates that additional funding will be sought to fuel rapid expansion and achieve ambitious growth targets.

In summary, the merger of Coinpanion, Revix, and BitFund to form Altify marks a significant milestone in the crypto investment landscape. With a strong leadership team, a broadened investment focus, and a commitment to aggressive growth, Altify is poised to redefine investment opportunities for a wide range of investors.