In the rapidly evolving domains of iGaming and cryptocurrency payment processing, Ivan Montik stands out as a significant figure. As the founder and CEO of SoftSwiss, a leader in crypto-based online casinos and gambling solutions, and the initiator behind the Austrian-Estonian crypto payment processor CoinsPaid, Montik’s influence extends across high-risk industries.

The Rise of SoftSwiss

Born in Belarus, Ivan Montik embarked on his professional journey in media and banking, but it was the founding of SoftSwiss that marked his true entry into the global tech scene. SoftSwiss, known for its innovative approach, pioneered the integration of cryptocurrency with online gaming solutions, offering white-label solutions and operating the SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator. As of the first quarter of 2024, this aggregator managed an impressive volume of over €13 billion in bets each month and is utilized by 1,052 brands worldwide.

The Strategic Maneuvering Behind CoinsPaid

While Montik publicly names Alexander Horst Riedinger and Maksym Krupyshev as the frontmen for CoinsPaid, there are rumblings and evidence suggesting Montik’s significant involvement. CoinsPaid specializes in crypto payment processing, primarily serving online casinos and gambling platforms. This organization is also strategically aligned with SoftSwiss, sharing similar markets and technology approaches.

Dual Leadership and Strategic Market Expansion

Despite his official roles, Montik’s actions hint at a dual leadership style. He is recognized for championing smart regulation in emerging markets, such as Brazil, and leveraging cultural icons in his corporate strategies. However, his alleged operational style at CoinsPaid suggests a deeper, less transparent maneuvering, particularly in regulatory and cultural landscapes.

After identifying Latin America (LATAM) as a strategic market, Montik expanded CoinsPaid’s reach to El Salvador, the first country to declare Bitcoin as legal tender. This decision aligns with his broader business strategies and the emerging market dynamics.

A Complex Web of Influence

The integration of Montik’s enterprises under different regulatory umbrellas, coupled with his contributions to crypto payment technologies, showcases a complex network of business activities. His visible and covert operations, especially in the high-stakes online casino sector, raise questions about the extent of his influence and the real beneficiaries of his entrepreneurial ventures.

Philanthropy and Public Perception

Beyond his business acumen, Montik engages in philanthropy, which may serve both to bolster his public image and to divert attention from his more controversial business practices. His support for disaster relief and medical initiatives highlights his commitment to social causes but also adds layers to the narrative surrounding his business engagements.


Ivan Montik is a figure of intrigue and influence in the iGaming and crypto payment industries. His pioneering role in integrating cryptocurrency into online gambling, coupled with his strategic and sometimes opaque business maneuvers, paints a picture of an entrepreneur who is as innovative as he is enigmatic. As the iGaming and cryptocurrency landscapes continue to evolve, Montik’s impact is likely to expand, prompting both admiration and scrutiny in equal measure

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