The High-risk payment sector is difficult. PayRate42 has issued a critical merchant warning against the anonymously operating payment processor Finvert ( Due to its high-risk operations, Finvert has been included in the Red Compliance listing. Merchants and businesses are advised to exercise extreme caution when considering engagement with Finvert based on multiple alarming reports concerning their business practices.

Key Concerns Identified

  • Account Freezing: There have been numerous instances reported where Finvert has frozen client accounts without prior warning or clear justification. This practice not only disrupts business operations but also places significant financial strain on affected parties.
  • Demands for Ransom-like Payments: To unfreeze accounts, Finvert has reportedly demanded exorbitant fees amounting to thousands of Euros. Such demands bear resemblance to ransom, suggesting a predatory approach towards financially distressed clients who are eager to regain access to their funds.
  • Ghosting Clients: Adding to the concern, Finvert is known to become unresponsive or ‘ghost’ their clients following the freezing of accounts. This lack of communication and transparency is highly unprofessional and exacerbates the difficulties faced by clients, leaving them with limited recourse or support.
  • Potential Misappropriation of Funds: The combination of freezing accounts and subsequently demanding large sums of money to restore access is indicative of a possible misappropriation of client funds. Such actions not only violate basic principles of financial conduct but may also carry legal implications for the processor.

Recommendations for Merchants

  1. Due Diligence: Conduct thorough background checks on any payment processor before integrating their services into your business operations. Pay special attention to any warnings issued by reputable cyber finance rating agencies like PayRate42.
  2. Seek Alternatives: Consider using more reputable payment processing services, especially those with transparent practices and a clean compliance record. It is crucial to partner with processors that enhance rather than hinder your company’s operations and reputation.
  3. Monitor Transactions: Regularly monitor all transactions and activities involving your payment processor. Setting up alerts for any unusual activity can be an effective way to mitigate risks early.
  4. Legal Advice: In situations where accounts are frozen or significant sums are demanded, seek legal counsel to understand your rights and possible actions to recover your funds.
  5. Report Malpractices: If you experience any of the issues mentioned with Finvert or any other processor, report them to the appropriate financial authorities. Your reports could help prevent further malpractices affecting other businesses.


The practices reported in connection with Finvert are alarming and suggest a high level of risk to any businesses involved with them. Merchants are urged to consider these risks seriously and to take protective measures to safeguard their financial and operational interests. PayRate42 says it continues to monitor Finvert and other high-risk processors to provide updated and reliable information to help merchants make informed decisions.