Merchant Warning: Exercise Caution with CENTPAYS

Dear Merchants,

We wish to bring your attention to concerns raised regarding CENTPAYS, a payment provider in the industry. These concerns are rooted in a severe lack of transparency, which is a critical factor in establishing trust within the business community.

  1. Licensing and Founder/Owner Information: CENTPAYS has failed to provide essential details regarding its licensing and founder/owner information. The absence of such fundamental information is typically associated with trustworthy businesses. The lack of transparency in this regard raises significant red flags.
  2. Involvement in High-Risk Industries: CENTPAYS is involved in high-risk industries, particularly the casino sector. Furthermore, its partnerships with entities like delasports and 1xbet, known for their association with risk, contribute to the overall concern regarding the reliability of CENTPAYS.
  3. Use of Fake IDs: During compliance checks, it was discovered that CENTPAYS presented fake IDs in the names of “Sanooj Misha” and “Prachi Mishra.” This discovery is particularly alarming, casting doubt on the company’s integrity and its commitment to legal and ethical standards.
  4. Owner Identification and Use of Fake Accounts: The identified owner, Akshay Gupta, and the alleged use of numerous fake accounts with American names while being of Indian origin further contribute to the dubious nature of CENTPAYS. This discrepancy in identity adds to the overall lack of credibility.

Overall Rating: BLACK In light of the aforementioned issues and the overall lack of transparency and credibility, we assign a BLACK rating to CENTPAYS. This rating serves as a cautionary measure to potential users or partners, urging careful consideration and thorough due diligence before engaging with this entity.

We strongly advise all merchants to exercise caution and consider alternative options with a proven track record of transparency and trustworthiness.